We know the needs and requirements of the target group now, so we can start with the desk research to find the most suitable way of accreditations of our methodology in our countries. During September and October we will collect the opportunities for european and national accreditations and we will know its specifics and conditions for the creating of CAR Master learning content.

PR 1completion

During September we are finishing with PR1 realization. We have realized the desk researches to find the job descriptions of the master/production manager in our countries. The most important part were the interviews with HR experts and masters/production managers directly from the production companies to find out the needs of our target group. The interviews were realized from June to August and we have interviewed over 100 participants. In general, the production companies are interested in our project and prepared plaform. The main output of PR1 will be the base for the CAR Master curriculum (PR2) and the tips for the suitable learning methods (face to face and online). PR1 benchmarking final report will be available soon.

Download the PR1 benchmarking final report


We have created the project leaflet in English and all partner languages.

You can download it here

PR 1 Definionof the key competences of masters

Just after meeting we have started to work on the Project result 1 and prepare the proposal of the interviews with the HR experts, masters and other stakeholders to find out the actual educational needs of our target group and also of the employers (production companies). The leading partner of PR1 is Slovakian partner which has a strong connection the the educational know-how for automotive industry and to the key production companies from that sector.We plan the next online meeting of the project team to discuss the PR1 progress and task for February.

Kick offmeeting Prague, CZE

10. - 11.1. 2022

The first transnational meeting of the CAR Master project was held in Prague. Unfortunately the meeting was influenced by COVID pandemic: the part of the project team was personally in Prague and the other part planned to join online. Further to the COVID infection at the office of coordinator the meeting was finally realized only online for everybody. The meeting in a nutshell: Introduction of partners, project presentations and list of tasks for all partners!

Startof the project!


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