Project results


Our goal is to create a unique learning experience platform for masters that will be successfully accredited at European and national levels. In terms of content, the following SMART indicators were set:

Project result 1
Definition of key skills of masters:

We will realize the analysis of the educational requirements of masters. We will have the interviews with HR experts and with the masters to find out their actual needs and competences. The competence framework of the masters will be ready as the project result.

Download the PR1 benchmarking final report
Project result 4
Face-to-face study

We will develop and pilot the full-time part of the CAR Master learning programme. curriculum in practice. Of the comprehensive CAR Master learning programme, full-time training will account for 30% of the time. We will create a detailed curriculum of contents and methods of training. We will conduct a face-to-face workshop with a group of masters and test the curriculum in practice.

Download the PR4 face to face workshop syllabus (5 days)
Project result 2
Car Master curriculum

We will create a curriculum for the CAR Master learning programme – we will define the objectives, contents and learning methods In the detailed curriculum, we define the learning objectives, set according to the identified important skills. We identify the necessary learning content and match it with appropriate learning methods. We describe the contents and methods in detail. We consistently locate the developed curriculum in the industrial production environment of each partner country and reflect national differences relevant to master training in the curriculum.

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Project result 5
Accreditation CAR Master

We will accredit the developed CAR Master training programme within the EU and each partner country – 6 accreditations in total.

Download the PR5 Final accreditation report
Project result 3
CAR Master learning experience platform

We will create a CAR Master online learning platform The platform will have several different functions:
- enabling trainees to interactively self-assess their skills;
- providing a space for storing learning content;
- enabling 70% of the entire CAR Master learning programme to be delivered online
- enabling online master learning using the latest methods and tools (gamification; microlearning; nanolearning)

Car Master Platform
Project result 6
CAR Master xlearning platform - finalization

We will pilot test the CAR Master online learning platform. Over 120 masters from industrial companies, i.e. 20 masters in each partner country, will pilot the functionality of the online learning platform. The findings from the pilot testing will be incorporated into the final version of all content and methodological documents. All documents will be translated into the languages of the partner countries.

CAR Master platform
Project No. 2021-1-CZ01-KA220-VET-000033332

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